Hello Cube Depot customers!

We have the results from our Anniversary Contest! Before we announce the winners, let me explain some of the decisions we made regarding the winners.
We decided that one person could not win more than one of the same prize, meaning someone can't win two coupons, but they can win a cube and a coupon.
Without further ado, here are the winners!
Moyu Aosu: Ryley Schnare
Moyu Weilong v2: Josh Cornell, Dan Tress, Andrew Steinbeck, Morey Sair, Ubertino Amateis
ShengShou 7x7: Stacey Vaughn
Coupons: Michael Durham, Kathryn Rapala, Nathan Washington, Brian Jones, Bill Brown, Philippe Deniel, Tommy Ambrozich, Ubertino Amateis, Susan Greb, and Myoungjae Choi.
You will all receive emails regarding your prizes soon.
Thank you for supporting Cube Depot!